Time Warp...the story

Hand picked seasoned artists from an array of impressive backgrounds and experiences, Time Warp is one of DFW's most impressive special event party bands.

Selected from a strict criteria based upon talent, stage presence and professionalism, members of Time Warp have developed a friendship and chemistry that guarantees the audience a great performance at every event.

Time Warp's individual talent equals decades of experience with regard to weddings, corporate gatherings, gala's, nightclubs and special events.

Whether large or small, every show features Time Warp's own full time sound and lighting engineers combined with the latest high end professional audio and lighting equipment.

Band Members Include...

Dedra Satterfield         Vocals

Rodney Bollinger         Guitar/Vocals

David Laakso                Drums

Kevin Trawick                Guitar/Vocals

Doug Wright                 Bass/Vocals

Frank Ritz                      Keyboards

Ryan Haines                 Trombone​

Courtney Haines          Sax

Chris Borin                    Trumpet